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I saw your story on the UT and it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for loving our community and caring so much for our senior citizens! This just blows me away! -Burke

They delivered to my house this week! Angel emoji -Martha

I just had a delivery from StayHomeSD. Didn't expect them to come to Carlsbad, but they did. The driver was very nice. Donations are appreciated, but not required. -Cathy

Thank you for delivering the much needed food for my parents!! With their age and conditions, it's great that we can have people in our community preventing them for unnecessarily leaving the house whenever possible during this pandemic -Karen

I donated because my husband is on hospice and I can't get to the store or get the stores to deliver to me. I was in great need of some groceries for my husband, because he is a diabetic, with CHF and stage 4 kidney disease. These kind young people reached out to me and got me some groceries. I am not a hoarder like many people, or buying in large quantities(Being considerate of the elderly and the sick that need food to survive). I really appreciate what was done for me and my husband. When I was young, I volunteered at a food bank and it was rewarding:) God Bless all of you for donating your time! -Ginny

I have cancer, and I appreciate you all for doing this. -Jack

It is wonderful, and a much needed service! -Ellen

Recovering at home from surgery, your organization is just what I needed during the coronavirus spread. I'm glad to contribute. -Greg

Your organization delivered to my Mom yesterday because I am her main caregiver. She has dementia and I'm afraid to go to the grocery store. I just want to say thank you for this!! -Karla

I think humanity is better than we give it credit for. And I'm using the service, too. Thank you for keeping me safe! -Moriyah

Stayhome for seniors are greatly appreciated it’s people like you who truly  Make America Great thank you for our delivery -Anthony and Roseannn

I'm amazed!!! Thank you for your generous hearts! -Angela

Your organization helped my mother today. She is 87 years old.   She has advanced dementia and has very limited physical mobility.  She is unable to leave the house. In addition, you delivered food for my mother in law who is not feeling well and is 84 years old. She is not able to leave the house as well. I am forever grateful for people that are kind and brave like the people working in your organization.  I wish I had more money so I would donate more. My husband will be donating soon as well after he gets paid. God bless you and be careful. -Angelica

Because I am 65 years old and am happy this organization is helping seniors during this crisis. -Victoria

THANK YOU.  Your organization helped my mother who is not feeling well and is 86 years old. She is house bound for now. I truly appreciate your hard work and dedication. In a time of crisis it is comforting to know that there are good people out there making a true difference. -Gilberto

I simply want to thank you for my grocery delivery. Don't know other way to make contact. Was so surprised when I received it tonite about 8PM, in the rain!! Thank all the dedicated volunteers and donors that makes this possible, please. I also would like to know if you need any sort of
help on phones?  I can at least do that much to help out.
Again, thanks so much. Please let me know if I can help from home.


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